CPHx3 #468 Run Report

small-feetWell Hash #468 is in the books. This past Sunday, an energetic group of 30 Hashers signed up and boarded the bus in Tongzilin for the trip to the end of Metro Line 1 – Shenxian Lake. To ask why we were taking a bus to a place that the Metro can conveniently reach, we would have to ask the Hare’s of CPHx3 Run #468, Floppy Cactus, Snail Trail and Just Mark. However, if their answers were as vague as the excuses they gave during the post run circle while being chastised (in good humor of course) for setting such a shitty trail, you’ll likely never find out why we were taking a bus to a “city run”. This run was so strategically located that we had to walk 1k to and from the bus to get to the start of it and the beerman got lost trying to find us. The beerman getting lost wasn’t much of an issue though because so few people broke a sweat on the so called “8 to 9k run”, which, by the way, turned out to be about half that length. So now we have incontrovertible proof that there are two areas which Floppy Cactus is prone to describe inaccurately whilst estimating length. 
However, not to seem ungrateful, we extend a big thanks, as always, to our volunteer Hare’s for the little effort they put in setting this short, shitty trail. Actually, during the post-run circle, we neglected to sing the one song that described the whole debacle (to the tune of the Mickey Mouse Club); “S-H-I! T-T-Y! T-R-A-I-L! SHITTY TRAIL! It Sucked! Shitty Trail! Really sucked! The Hares really set a shitty trail! It Really Sucked!” Ah well, we’ll remember that one for next time.
However, lest you were to think there weren’t also bright spots amongst the carnage.


1.  We had half a dozen Virgins with us who can be 100% assured that the next Hash they run will be better than the first one they ever attended. 

2.  The food at Tian Tian restaurant near Ni Jia Qiao after the run was amazing, at least to over served, hungry, ravaged runners (i.e. all of us). 

3.  Slow Time Brewery stepped up again as our beer sponsor and continues to convert our runners to the best beer in Sichuan – On! On! The only way to describe how well the beer was received was the fact that we had to make an emergency stop on the way home to relieve the stress of several overworked bladders amongst the Panda Hash faithful. 

4.We won’t be asking Floppy Cactus and Snail Trail for help in setting trails for the rest of the year. 

5.  The next Hash will be the last for 2015 and will be an ode to pagans everywhere as it takes place on the Winter Solstice.